Classical Stairways
Design and Installation of Custom Stairs and Rails
San Jose, California . (408)292-4534 . [Lic.# 630164]


Our story

I started working in this field in the East Coast (Pennsylvania), and learned the initial part of my trade from am old German craftsman. As in the German tradition of apprentice, he was a dedicated mentor, which allowed me to learn the basic an fundamentals through direct supervision and advice. He was strict, honest, hardworking and had the highest standards of aesthetics, quality, and fundamentals.

This experience pressed me to carry on with his tradition of a hardworking, knowledgeable craftsman that takes pride in his work and deep satisfaction from watching highly satisfied customers that appreciate this kind of dedication and quality it brings.

Based on my experience, I carry on with the tradition of teaching and mentoring my workers, which without doubt translates in a better end product and customer experience.

I enjoy creating things and working with my hands, especially working with wood on something as large and imposing as a beautiful staircase.

To see a beautiful piece of art which is usually the focus point of the interior of the home that people use daily is very rewarding.